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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The best (and easiest!) Guacomole you will ever make...

I promise.  You'll want to start carrying this stuff around in a tupperware in your purse to every restaurant you go to.  I am constantly comparing this EASY homemade guac to every other guac in restaurants...and so far?  It wins by a landslide.

And who doesn't love guac?  Really.  (Well, i guess my sister doesn't...but she is seriously missing out on this.)  It is a staple in this house, as we are constantly craving mexican food of the healthy variety.  Serve it up with chips, top it on a salad, or pair it with any classic mexi dish you are making.  I guarantee you'll be running to the store later that night for more avacados...because you happened to finish the entire bowl by yourself... (I'm not saying I've done this before...but I've maybe done this before) ;)

Let's satisfy those taste buds!

Goddess Guac

2 ripe avacados
1 cup prepared salsa
1-2 tsp. cumin powder
1-2 cloves garlic, minced (or a few shakes of garlic powder if fresh isn't available)
lemon/lime juice (couple squeezes fresh juice, or a big glug of organic bottled juice)
salt and pepper, to taste

(Note: Cooking, to me, is all about individual taste and preference...I rarely measure ingredients, but go by how the dish tastes as it's coming together.  These measurements are an estimate of what I usually use...yours may be different than mine - follow your taste buds and experiment with the strength variations of the spices you use!  You'll know when your own guac is perfect. :))

Cut avacados in half lengthwise; take out pits (save one to throw in with your guac when you store leftovers in the fridge later - it will help keep your guac fresh and green!).  Scoop out avacado meat into a bowl.  Mash with fork until desired consistency - I like mine mostly creamy.
Add rest of ingredients to bowl and stir, to taste...I know you'll especially love the cumin, it really brings out the fresh flavors and adds a little zing!

Enjoy!  I just know you'll be tempted to eat the entire bowl with chips... :)

Check back soon for my favorite 5-min rice and beans - using leftovers and things you already probably have in your pantry - who doesn't love that?!  It's the perfect pairing for veg tacos, with a big dallop of guac on top!

Wholesome Annie

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